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C to Pascal Converter 2.0


When I started programming with Windows APIs, which it's written with C, translating header files was taking too much of my time and therefore also being a lazy programmer! I decided to write a converter so it can convert basic elements of these header files, such as #define, data types (like unsigned short, int, ...). First attempt was a success and I used that program for some time.
When time come to do more programming of what I was programming, that little converter couldn't answer my programming needs and I gave up all other programming tasks (projects) and started to develope that little program and C to Pascal Converter also known as CtoPas was born!
Since C to Pascal Converter released on CodeGear's binary pages (where the latest available updates of C to Pascal Converter), I have received alot of responses, comments and suggestions from coder fellows from the different parts of the world.

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